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We're a commercial interior design & build studio, specialising in retail

Lindt & Sprüngli, Bicester Village

We’re a full-service retail design & build studio – working with clients from concept to delivery. Since 2004, we have been working with brands, retailers, and customer destinations.

From retail to hospitality (and everything in between), we love working with brands with a desire to do things differently. Whether it’s a single store or part of a roll-out expansion, whether you know exactly what you want or don’t, we can help!

Lindt & Sprüngli, Bicester Village + UK stores

We create elevating customer experience for brands

The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

We’re proud of our reputation of creating and delivering innovative retail and commercial spaces – whether for global brands or independent clients.

At the heart of our philosophy is the end-user and customer experience. We strive to create imaginative stores and innovative spaces that leave a lasting impression on our clients’ customers. The ambition – to create elevating experiences, which translates into your brand’s success.

Alexis Amor, Richmond London

The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

Alexis Amor, Richmond London


It all starts with you!

We consider each project a collaboration with our clients – it’s our business to understand your business, and develop your vision of where you want to be. Together we discover opportunities and new ideas to elevate your brand and turn heads.

Our Complete Approach

Formadesign have been engaged to produce complete new concepts for clients to include the interior, exterior, identity and signage. We design identities that deliver what you want: outstanding sales and consumer satisfaction. We design exciting environments and furniture components that entice and engage customers and consumers to come in, stay longer and spend more.

Every touchpoint will be true to the concept design. We will seek to preserve the heritage without resorting to pastiche of a particular location. The concept design stage is used as a ‘conversational’ tool to be discussed with client and to better inform and convey understanding in a more detailed way of the needs of each area and to test the approach being applied in connection to that. This will lead to further precise CAD drawing work before detailed fixtures, furniture and display items are drawn up.

At this stage we start creating a comprehensive in-store experience. We go out of our way not to impose a signature look on clients, it’s about them not us. Our greatest asset is that we invest time in our clients and come up with a unique solution for them, not our own stylistic crusades. We work with the space as it is and try not to adapt it to our style but rather make the space work for us. This means every time we design a shop it’s very much related to the building or its surroundings.

Retailers can no longer rely on product and price. As technology delivers convenient retail, there must be inspirational spaces for consumers to experience the brand on a deeper level. We must out-think ever-more savvy customers. When it comes to physical shops, people need to have an enhanced experience and this stage is where we develop that detail.

WE WILL BUILD IT. Well-executed designs stand the test of time. From the early days of the Practice we were asked whether we could take our designs through to the first day of trading. And that is now what we do for more clients than not. As we like to say, “It ensures that they get what it says on the tin.” If they’ve fallen in love with the design on screen or paper it’s important that our clients are not disappointed at the end of the process.

Looking for the complete package? Don't forget to accessorise!

Our experience at survey helps to flag to our clients any unknown potential cost or time impact at their chosen location. Needless to say that not every landlord will always flag these details to you.

After 20 years of trading we are known to many of the large landlords and local authority teams around the country and our good reputation helps us all to achieve design approval.

Project Management can be provided by ourselves to work with our teams or yours! On European projects or those that are large we are very use to working alongside other client persons.

Sh*t happens! Fire damage? Wheels falling off? Building flood? Our existing clients will tell you how useful we are to resolve their later surprising and additional needs.

Transforming Shells to Stores

We care as much about high quality build, as we do design.

It’s what you don’t see that matters - A successful, tangible project is the direct result of intangible achievements; having great clients, hitting budgets, accomplishing schedules, and good relationships with Landlords, Local Authorities and Suppliers are among the most important.


What our clients say

Faun Malvern

Faun Malvern, Mood Board

Faun Malvern

Billabong, Barcelona

Billabong, Plymouth

Billabong, Plymouth

We've won some awards too

A better story. We can help you improve your story. ”A rising tide raises all boats.” We all advance when we work ‘with’ our clients and not just simply ‘for’ them.

The world isn't waiting for more of the same

- Rick Rubin

We like to do things differently and for our clients to stand out from the crowd.

It is our aim to create memorable moments for your customers. We call them ‘sticky points’ that intellectually and emotionally connect your customers to your space. We hope that we can do the same for you. Please come shopping with us and enquire now!



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